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Click to enlarge(B) Pack of 3<br>Nose, Face & Mouth Covers

NEW ~ Adult ~ Reversible
Machine Washable
Adjustable ~ Reusable
Cotton Fabric MASKS.
Fabric shields.
Face covers.

FREE Shipping with Delivery Confirmation.

This order is for a pack of three face
masks / mouth and nose covers.

Items can be used to help prevent the spread of
your sneezes, coughs, saliva, etc.

This is not a medical item. This item will not
prevent you from catching any type of virus,
disease, or respiratory issues.

Items can be use inside and outside of the home for personal uses.
Can be used while gardening.
During pollen season.
While mowing the lawn.
While doing household chores, etc.

Apprx. 8 1/2 inches long, each.
Each individual tie is 12 inches at least.
Masks are over 6 1/2 inches wide in the center.
Wide enough to cover the nose and mouth.

These are newly-made items. Fabrics are 100% cottons. Made with several layers
of washed fabric.

Though the fabrics were washed prior to creating these items; it is HIGHLY
recommended that you wash them again, upon arrival at your home - prior to use.

Each strap, on each side, is OVER 12 inches long. Plenty long enough to fit around
nearly any size human head and enough tying length.

+++ HandCrafted in the U.S.A.

FREE Shipping with Delivery Confirmation.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

(B) Pack of 3
Nose, Face, Mouth Covers - Masks
NoseMo-BRegular price: $30.50Sale price: $24.95


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